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Focused Day Services

VIP offers on- and off-site activities to help adults with disabilities connect with the community and each other. Activities include crafts, games, bowling, cooking, music, and more. The Day Services team generates new activity and outing calendars each month which then are made available to caregivers and those served. Program Assistants work with individuals participating in our programs in all activities ensuring that they have the support and encouragement to make the most of every outing or project.

VIP Services offers a community-focused Day Services program that incorporates fun and engaging hands-on activities based on the interests of the individuals in the program that tie into fundamental daily living skills. Our Program Assistants train to assist the individuals we serve with any personal care needs in a respectful and ethical manner. All our efforts are focused on empowering people with disabilities or barriers, to achievement, purpose, and belonging within our community.


Activities selected for individuals in our Day Services Program can include learning about a job, hobby, or sport. The group learns about the activity and the rules or steps involved. A progressive chain of events then leads to a specific goal or opportunity. We work toward building on experiences which often leads into subsequent activities. Some activities are volunteer projects in which everyone can understand the importance and the satisfaction that comes from helping others in the community.

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