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Vision & Values

VIP Services is a place where we make a difference. Every. Single. Day. Where respect and support for the individuals we serve, staff, and community is our top priority. Where we welcome change and new ideas that help us further improve service, training, and support. Where all efforts fuel our mission.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Providing a broad range of services that empower people with disabilities or barriers toward achievement, purpose, and belonging within our community.


Our Vision

To be THE organization of choice in the communities we serve as the trusted leader in providing individuals with innovative solutions that support greater independence, elevated quality of life, and the ability to overcome barriers, so they can connect and thrive in the community.

Our commitment is to our mission. We must trust in each other, communicate effectively, demonstrate respect for the ideas and contributions of others, and work together as a team of individuals we support, staff, and community to ensure the organization remains on task in its alignment with our mission, vision, and values.

Our Values

Leadership. Sets the example, walks the talk, establishes direction, guidance, and support for all team members. Has a presence and is available to individuals we serve, team members at every level, and the community.

Communication & Respect. Communication is imperative. We are committed to seeking out and providing constructive and meaningful feedback. Integrity should prevail in all interactions on behalf of or related to the organization.

A Place You Want to Be. Where the environment and culture demonstrate that you are cared for in a way that goes beyond just what you do here. Where you can learn, grow, and be the best version of yourself, whether you’re a program participant, a staff member, or a volunteer.

Accountability & Trust. We are accountable to provide support, growth, and engagement. We trust our staff and the individuals we support to work together to always uphold the organization’s mission to the best of their ability.

Personal Worth. Everyone’s feedback and ideas are important and critical to the organization’s success. No matter your role, you have a part in accomplishing objectives that allow us to develop and maintain best-in-class services for our clients.

Help Support our Mission!

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